• Warsaw, Poland

Conference for marketplace sellers

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Marketplace Alpha Day - 2023

Whooooohoooo! Here we go! Two days of mega insights from the most experienced professionals in their field. The cool atmosphere of a powerful business party, quality speeches, networking, useful acquaintances, unforgettable masterclasses, and an incomparable after-party after a productive and busy day.

Speakers-titans from different continents who earn 7-9 million dollars will share their vast experience, and personal secrets, and provide the latest information in the world of Amazon, ETSY, Shopify, and Allegro. Only serious speakers with serious topics for serious sellers! Without further ado, but with a hookah ;)

MAD will give you an incomparable boost in developing your business or launching it. The effect of a hockey stick in the right environment of millionaires! If you want to make millions, fly with us into the new, gigantic world of the e-commerce Marketplace. MAD is an unforgettable event that divides life into BEFORE and AFTER.

  • Where?

    Warsaw, Poland

  • When?



Informal networking Afterparty

Speakers of the conference

FlagDmytro Kubrak

8-figure Amazon Seller. Founder sellerise riseagency.us и asapwarehouse.us.

FlagYevhenii Nekoz

Top 500 Amazon seller, 4 successful brands, co-founder of Solver - a legal company for Amazon sellers, co-founder of Unitix.

FlagYuriy Dobosh

Amazon Expert. Amazon business sales consultant, closed over 15 deals.

FlagDenys Sulimchik

Amazon Expert. Over 15 years of experience in sales, including 5 years in e-commerce. Managed multiple online stores on Amazon. Organizer of the "Amazon meetup - MINSK" conference.

FlagValeriy Chalyi

Co-owner of UBRA company. Sales on Amazon in America, Canada, England, Germany, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. Successfully launched PL with a turnover of over $10 million.

FlagOleksandr Svarych

7-figure in eCom sales. Helping D2C brands scale to 7-figures. Voodoo Ecom Agency.

FlagDenys Okhtin

7-figure Etsy seller, owner of 3 manufacturing facilities, team of 60 employees.

FlagNazariy Chekh

Seller on amazon, allegro.pl, mall.cz, emag.ro. 40,000 shipments per month throughout Europe.

FlagMichael Rosenfeld

7-figure Amazon seller. The №1 hookah brand on Amazon selling in 16 countries worldwide.

FlagFedir Deynichenko

Amazon seller. Experience in 100+ niches on Amazon.com. Experience in two patent litigations in the United States. Intellectual property disputes. Budget of $400k. One of the brands was valued at $5.7 million.

FlagSergey Timoschuk

Co-founder of AMS Pilot, an Amazon PPC agency. PL seller since 2015: sold one brand in 2019. Owner of a Kindle publishing agency. Sold over 1.5 million book copies.

FlagVladimir Moroz

Head of PPC at AMS Pilot. PL seller since 2017. Brands in 2 categories. Over $3 million in Amazon business turnover in the last 3 years. Personal product ROI exceeding 450%.

FlagAlexander Bezhan

Co-founder of AMS Pilot, an Amazon PPC agency. AMS Pilot Visionary. Developer of software solutions for working with Amazon. 12 years of experience in the IT.

Types of tickets

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MAD Seller


  • First day entrance to MAD (June 22)
  • Seat in the MAD Seller sector
  • Working materials kit (notebook and pen)
  • Unlimited coffee breaks
  • Handouts
  • Access to the exclusive MAD participant chat
  • Event photo report
  • Lunch (buffet)
  • Entrance to the MAD afterparty


  • Access to the first day of MAD (June 22)
  • Comfortable seating in the VIP guest section
  • Work materials kit (notebook and pen)
  • Unlimited coffee break
  • Handouts
  • Access to the exclusive MAD participant chat
  • Event photo report
  • Separate VIP lunch (buffet)
  • Entry to the MAD afterparty
  • Separate VIP zone with speakers
  • Free hookah bar (separate hookah area)
  • All drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) included (open premium bar)
  • Dinner with Dmitro Kubrak on June 23, 2023 (limited availability, payable separately on request)
  • Separate Business Class registration desk
  • Special conditions for MAD 2024

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+ everything included in MAD VIP

  • Entrance to the second day of the conference.
  • Participation in six workshop sessions (June 23):
  • Yuri Dobosh
    - Mock Due Diligence. Simulating the due diligence process, what needs to be done, and what cannot be done, preparation for it, and conducting negotiations.
  • Denys Sulimchik
    - AI Acceleration. How to save 10 hours per week with Artificial Intelligence? What really works and can be implemented in your business today?
  • Dmytro Kubrak
    - Launching products and collecting reviews on Amazon in 2023 - proven tactics, successful case studies, and mistakes to avoid.
  • Fedir Deinychenko
    - Patents - how to search for them correctly, what lawyers to hire, when not to get involved, and how to successfully defend yourself against competitors' patent lawsuits and win in court.
  • Valeriy Chalyy
    - How to create a partnership correctly and maintain it for many years, even if the projects change.
  • Alexander Bezhan and Vladimir Moroz
    - How to outperform competitors by increasing market share within the same brand and generate more profit from PPC?
  • Secret PREMIUM workshop for investors.

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Why do you need to be at MAD?


The loft walls, a large open space with high ceilings, and huge windows filled with light create an atmosphere reminiscent of the magnificent history of this building and its combination with modern technologies.

The conference in this venue becomes especially unforgettable because it takes place in a unique and unusual location. It is a place where you can easily forget the daily grind and focus on new tasks and goals.

  • A separate area for BBQ where you can enjoy the taste of freshly grilled meat.
  • A hookah smoking area where you can relax and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere while chatting with colleagues.

Workshop-day (23.06)

A workshop is a great tool for improving your skills, business development, and personal growth. It is especially valuable when such a workshop is conducted by top-level experts who will share specific tools, their own experience and practical knowledge.

Admission is free for MAD BOSS ticket holders.


Exclusive dinner with Dmytro Kubrak

For 10 guests, which guarantees a confidential atmosphere. This is a great opportunity to get to meet Dmytro personally, ask any questions and get the most out of the conversation.

Dmytro Kubrak is one of the most influential and well-known sellers on Amazon.


What do people say about us?

Ruslan Osyka

Etsy seller

"This is truly a great opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from professionals in their field and get motivated. I often attend such conferences, and honestly, after them, there is always a transition to a new level."

Yaroslav Bilokin

Etsy seller

"As an experienced seller on the ETSY platform, I highly recommend attending MAD. It is a great opportunity to make valuable contacts and discuss ideas with other entrepreneurs who are also growing their businesses on Etsy."

Volodymyr Slobodian

Amazon Seller

"A great conference to understand which platform suits you best. Compare and dive into the world of e-commerce."

Oleksandr Bogachik

Co-Founder brushme_studio

"Knowledge and skills in e-commerce are constantly changing and updating, so I always advise my colleagues and partners to attend e-commerce conferences where they can get fresh information on the latest approaches and strategies. I have personally attended many such events, and they have always been beneficial to my business. I recommend MAD to everyone who works in e-commerce to join this conference and use the knowledge gained to develop their business."

Andriy Lutsiak

founder of the educational platform newlook.smm

"MAD is a great opportunity to understand how to scale your business and get fresh information with working cases about Amazon, ETSY, Shopify, and Allegro from professionals."

Andriy Malyukin

Doing global eCom. 15 yeas in the industry (eCommerce).
Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Allegro etc
Print on demand.

"I recommend attending this conference. It is truly valuable and informative for anyone working in the field of e-commerce. Top market experts are gathered here to share their experience and knowledge, and there is also an opportunity to exchange thoughts with colleagues from the industry. I am confident that you will find a lot of valuable information and tools that will help take your business to the next level."

Ihor Zavinsky

Amazon Seller

"This conference provides an opportunity to get the most up-to-date information in the field of e-commerce and learn about best practices. As an Amazon seller, I understand the value of this information and how it can help increase your audience and sales. I recommend not to miss such a chance and join."

Vasyl Beecher

Amazon Seller

"MAD has gathered truly cool experts who successfully work in the Amazon market and will be able to share their valuable knowledge and experience with conference participants. I personally have attended many similar conferences in different cities and always learned a lot about working on the platform, sales nuances, as well as effective strategies for promoting your business on Amazon."

Petro Chuprun

Co-owner of the online jewelry store minimal

"As marketplaces become increasingly popular among sellers and consumers, I believe that this conference is a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and insights. It is definitely worth attending if you want to learn more about sales strategies on platforms, the development of e-commerce brands, effective advertising methods, and receive valuable advice from experienced practitioners in the marketplace industry."

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